About Us


Maximizing the Power of One

 At ACA Global Solutions we offer: one contact, one contract, and one management platform. You focus on your business, while ACA manages secure day-to-day operations. ACA Global’s program management office (PMO) approach, consolidates all operations, ensuring efficiency and accountability. 


Full Service Integration Management


ACA Global Solutions provides full service integration management. We offer streamlined and customized program management solutions in preconstruction and construction, logistics, IT, antiterrorism, and force protection. 


Our team has expertise in integrating complex programs for our clients. We employ specialized capabilities and can deliver one management module or multiple modules in an integrated solution. 

Our portfolio of solutions allows our clients to concentrate on their business while we manage the operations of the company.  


Export Management

As one of our key integrated solutions, ACA applies its expertise and knowledge of the supply chain, coupled with extensive research capabilities and an expansive network in private industry and government agencies in the United States to provide an end-to-end supply solution for our clients. 

We cover the range of our clients’ needs from sourcing prime materials for manufacturing processes to securing buyers in the U.S. market for their finished products.